By establishing your workspace settings, you can measure your performance more accurate and you can manage your accounts more efficiently and fast.

You can see your workspace settings by clicking on Edit button.

Let’s see what is in each part of settings by one by:

Details: In this tab, you can change color preferences, title, and your logo for workspace. This is especially helpful if you manage more than one workspace in case of separation of your workspaces. Auto Follow on DM part in Details tab is a space for you to choose whether or not follow all responded users. If this option is active, it means that you will automatically follow the user who you respond. You can change manually your preferences on Agent screen on the basis of each reply.

Under SLA part, it is possible for you to add your SLA KPI, which is exclusive to each of sources as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. This is about in how much time you would respond. Your reports will be based on this KPI and you can see what percentage of SLA that you could reach in date range you put in Report tab.

It would not be possible to get any retrospective result if you change the value of SLA. New value of SLA will be valid for new data when you made any changes.

Work Period: You can set the working schedules for your Agents in this tab. By this way, the performance report will be delivered as according to the working hours, where non-working hours will be excluded.

Categories: This tab is for you to add and/or change new categories. You can assign one or more categories to each of your cases by using these categories.

Knowledge: It is possible for you to add and/or edit using ready replies in Knowledge tab. Each ready replies here has a label, a shortcode, and a text so that agents can access the needed one in a simple way.

Close Tags: You can add or edit close tags in Close Tags tab.

If you will close a case, you definitely need to use a close tag. That is why it would be important edit close tags before you start to close a case.

Deletings done via Close Tags are not irreversible.

Users: You can invite supervisors and agents who will use Engage for different level of authority.

Customer Card: You can prepare your customer cards in this tab. You need to click on Add Field button on the left side for adding a field on your customer card.

Deletings done via Customer Cards are not irreversible.

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Congratulations, you completed all necessary settings! Now, you can manage your accounts through Dashboard. For further information, please check on our article on Dashboard and Managing Accounts.
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