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In order to go on, you need to connect your brand or brands’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. All accounts related to any brand or brand group can be connected to a single workspace. With our team, we are here to help how to group your social media accounts.
You need to click on the green Connect Button on homepage for connection.

You will see three different headlines for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in the page you accessed. If this is the first time you connect, each of the headlines will be blank. If there are any earlier connections, you can see these accounts in list.

For connecting your Twitter account, firstly you need to login Twitter via your brand's account in the current browser. Then you need to click on Connect button, which will ask you for your permission. Through Authorize App button, you can give such permission.

The avatar picture on the right up shows you via which account you accept this authorization. You need to be sure of that the account you use belongs to the brand.

After that authorization, your account will be added in our system and you will be directed to the Engage Connection Page again. As a result, you start to see that the whole mentions and direct messages to your Twitter account will be available on Engage.

After Twitter connection, you can move on connecting Facebook and Instagram accounts.

If you would prefer to see the Twitter search results too, we suggest you read our article on Adding Twitter Search.
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