When you click on Panel button, you are directed to Agent screen, where you manage your cases. The left side of the screen is for case lists and consists of three different parts:


Me: In "Me" tab, you can list all open or pending cases which are assigned to the user account you login.
Pending: In "Pending" tab, you can see all currently pending cases independent from assigned agent.
Open: In "Open" tab, you can see all currently open cases independent from assigned agent.

If you click on any of the cases in the left side, you would see the details on this case in the middle of the page.

The middle part of the Agent screen is where you can see all details on the clicked case and reply it. You can see all contents under the case according to the chronological order here. A new tab will be opened just below the contents where you can reply and share your reply with the users. It is on the upright of tab where you can assign categories to cases in this tab. Besides, you can close your case via reply part or display all activities on a case via Event tab in detail.

The right of the screen is designed for details on customers. Customer cards of which you designed on workspace settings will be automatically opened up on the right of the page. Agents are responsible to fill out and save these forms after any future talks. You can see the previous talks and any exclusive notes for the user just below this part.

In order to reply any case, the case should be assigned to you.

If you want to reply to the unassigned cases in Open or Pending part, you need to click on Assigned To and pick your name to assign the case for yourself. Then you can reply whatever you want.

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