You can reach and answer not only the mentions and DMs of your brand’s accounts, but also the contents including your name or any hashtag that you interested in. In order to see these results, you need to add Twitter search query. To add this query, you need to click on the** +Search** button which is next to your connected Twitter account. Then you need to follow these steps in order:

Give a name on your search,
Choose which language you prefer for your search,
Put the monitored words with a comma under the title of “*Any of these words**”,
If you prefer to see where two words used together, in other words you want to define through “AND” statement, you need to use Any of these words and All of these words together,

You can place only one word or one phrase on the Any of these words place.

If you want to exclude some of the words in your search, you need to write these words separately with a comma under the title of “None of these words”,
When you complete the query, click on the Done button.
Your search will not immediately start after you click. You first see the content you will encounter through this search. If you don't encounter the tweets that you want then you can cancel the search and change the query.
If the search is correct, you can save it by clicking on Done button.

Your search is active now. Whenever you wish, you can edit, delete or stop this search.

You can continue to connect your accounts through Connecting Facebook and Instagram Accounts.
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